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The Växa Medical Advisory Board
We are pleased to introduce the doctors behind our all natural medications to help with Acid Reflux.
Dr. John Alm, MD, has been practicing medicine for 20 years. Licensed in California, he is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. The eight years he has spent in Nutritional Practice, made him an ideal candidate to serve on VÄXA’s Medical Advisory Board, a position he has held for the last five years. During his tenure as VÄXA’s Medical Director, he performed an Oral Chelation study, the results of which appear in VÄXA’s literature. Dr. Alm is currently practicing in an Urgent Care Clinic in California. He stocks VÄXA products in his clinic and is planning future VÄXA product study programs.
Dr. David Homer N.D., C.N.C. has been clinically practicing holistic health care since 1996. He holds a doctorate in Naturopathy from the Trinity College of Natural Health, and certifications in Holistic Nutrition from the American Holistic College of Nutrition. He lives on the Caribbean island of Barbados and brings to the health care industry, unique perspectives on naturally restoring and optimizing health, and preventing disease.

At his clinic, InnerLife Wellness Center, Dr. Homer employs the paramedical techniques of Nutritional/Biological Microscopy, iridology and Muscle Response Testing in his practice of natural healing. He has been using Vaxa’s unique nutritional formulas in clinical application for over 5 years, and considers them to be the flagship formulas among the natural medicines used in his clinics. Dr. Homer’s clinical experience, knowledge and commitment to the use and development of Vaxa Products have made him an ideal choice for our Medical Advisory Board.
Dr. Cowan is a licensed Family Therapist with his Doctorate in Psychology. He has been a part of Several ADD/ADHD research projects including the clinical studies on VÄXA’s Attend. Dr. Cowan can currently be heard on VÄXA’s auido tape, “Why My Child Can’t Pay Attention.” He is also the host of the popular “Family Matters” radio program, which is aired daily throughout California’s Central Valley.
Dr. R. Lawrence Hatchett, MD is a Board Certified Urologist licensed in both Florida and Georgia. After his Harvard Fellowship, Dr. Hatchett established the Florida-Georgia Urological Center, Inc., an individual practice specializing in female and pediatric urology in North Florida and South Georgia. In 1996, Dr. Hatchett founded Incontinence Center Consultants, Inc., a National consulting firm designed to educate hospitals and physicians in the development of an incontinence niche through surgical training, market evaluation and practice marketing. He has been practicing medicine since 1991 and is considered a leader in his field. Dr. Hatchett can currently be heard on VÄXA’s new tape, “The pH Factor, The REAL Silent Killer.”
Dr. Stephen Hayes, MD, PC, has been a practicing pediatrician for nearly 20 years. A member of both the AMA and the Southern Medical Association, Dr. Hayes has served as a Medical Director for District 13, State of Georgia, Cumberland Center for Lifestyle Changes, Valley Pediatrics, and Hayes Research. Dr. Hayes has been in private practice since 1984, specializing in Pediatrics and Bariatrics, and is also a member of the Bariatric Society.
Dr. Terre York has 27 years of experience in the health care field. She began by focusing on her healing touch as a massage therapist and quickly developed an impressive celebrity following. Her interest in health led her to the study of Chiropractic and she graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California in 1982. Dr. York is licensed to practice in three states, California, Arizona and North Carolina. She is also a Qualified Medical Evaluator and is frequently called as an expert witness. Her talent as a public speaker and seminar leader as well as her studies in Nutrition, Accupressure, Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies, as well as her interest and enthusiasm for the VÄXA line of nutritional products, makes Dr. Terre York a natural choice for our advisory board.
Dr. Bob Atterberry, DVM, grew up in Fort Collins, CO. After five years of service in the US Army, Dr. Atterberry attained the rank of Captain and served as an Infantry Company Commander in the Korean War. He left the Army in 1953 and later received his DVM in 1960, focusing primarily on Pet-Related Small Animal Practice for 40 years, both in the San Francisco area, and in Northwest Arkansas.

Dr. Atterberry and his wife of 44 years, Marie, both credit their good health to the unique line of VÄXA products. Dr. Atterberry says he feels better today at age 70 than he did at age 60. He has used many of the VÄXA products both personally, and in the treatment of hundreds of his animal patients. Definitely a “main-stream Veterinarian,” Dr. Atterberry sees the need for and the value of the VÄXA products.

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