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Acid Reflux keeping you up nights? Tired of the discomfort and pain of Acid Reflux? I sure was!
Then I tried Buffer pH+ and Digestin, and found help in this an all natural solution that stops
heartburn and let me lead a normal life.

I previously suffered the acid reflux symptoms almost every day  I was tired of getting up in the middle of the night diving for antacids. I had to watch everything I ate, for fear I going to trigger an attack.  I tried all the acid blockers on the market. They gave me severe stomach cramps, abdominal pains and diarrhea, some common bad side effects of acid blockers.

Even the doctor, after many expensive tests, prescribed medication that would only work for a period of time before my system started to ignore it and the symptoms of acid reflux returned.  Nothing seemed to work for any long period of time or didn't require major lifestyle changes and diet restrictions.

 A friend recommended trying Buffer pH+ and Digestin because had worked for them. I'm glad I listened because my acid reflux is now gone.  With its all natural antacid formula,  Buffer pH+ allows the body to work normally. No stomach cramping or diarrhea!

Will Buffer pH+ or Digestin helped relieve heartburn and cure the damage the Acid Reflux has done?

Yes, Buffer pH+ and Digestin are an all natural remedy for heartburn and acid reflux.  Digestin helps break down the food faster resulting in less stomach acid production and Buffer pH+ absorbs the excess stomach acid and balances your natural pH thus helping system manage the stomach acid allowing it to safely be removed from the body naturally. With its powerful and proven antacid ingredients, it provides long-lasting absorption ability, this process helps prevent the heartburn and discomfort acid reflux causes.  It does not  block stomach acid and disrupt the body's natural digestive process, which is the  cause of  the painful side effects of the acid blockers. 

With the added power of Aloe Vera it naturally repaired the damage that was done to the esophagus. Aloe Vera has been long recognized in medical circles as a natural remedy to aid and promote healing in the body and as major ingredient in Buffer pH+ it naturally speeds and aids the healing process.

Because we so strongly believe in the benefits of Buffer pH+ and Digestin, if you are not completely satisfied, like I was, just return the bottle and we provide a  30 day money back guarantee. With a guarantee like this, we are confident that your heartburn and irritation will be gone. Try it today to enjoy the freedom to enjoy the foods and lifestyle you want. Because these are all natural ingredients there are no side effects.

How reflux happens and long term effects of GERD

What I came to realize, is that everything I ate affected me stomach and how bad the heartburn attack was. Granted, I ate fatty foods, drank coffee, smoked, all the things you shouldn't do when you have acid reflux problems. My body wasn't breaking food down right. When that happens it  leaves certain chemical and metallic residues, which makes an acid buildup. Because my stomach is constantly producing acid and not removing it, I've now developed an irritated esophagus, which they tell me that if I didn't treat I raise my risk of esophageal cancer. It was pretty sobering for a 35 year old that felt they had a lifetime ahead of them.

After giving me a very restrictive diet, they said it would take approximately 8 weeks for this to heal.  But the major problem I encountered that about 4 weeks into each acid or pump blocking prescription they gave me, the reflux came back. Couple that with all the other problems the acid blocker caused. I'm not sure which is worse, the heartburn or the stomach cramps the blockers cause. Lets face it, you stomach makes acid because it needs to to digest your food. If you don't have that acid, you end up with a different set of problems. Stopping your body from doing what it was suppose to do is never a good thing. Buffer pH changed this vicious cycle for me.

Without the constant heartburn, my body has healed. The cancer threats diminished. And life is normal.

If you have any of the symptoms of GERD and Acid Reflux we think you should try Buffer pH+. With the money back guarantee, if you don't think it helps relieve your symptoms, just return the bottle and Vaxa will refund your money.
The only thing you have to lose is the heartburn

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