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About Digestin

Recent research demonstrates that, aside from breaking down food, digestive enzymes are highly effective in the breakdown of damaged tissues and in the killing of unfriendly gastro-intestinal flus/viruses, helping to reduce inflammation and encourage healthy tissue growth in the area of injury...
As we grow older, the necessary and healthful activities of digestion can become more labor intensive due to the possibility that our bodies are not producing the necessary digestive enzymes to break down food into the energy and the sustenance we need. Digestin is Växa's timely answer. Active Enzyme complexes in Digestin digest dietary proteins, sugars and carbohydrates, fiber and fats within the gastrointestinal tract.

Digestin is a Scientifically Advanced Gastrointestinal Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement restorative with more of the natural digestive enzymes that we need and in the best proportions possible. The micro-nutritionals in Digestin that influence the glandular secretion and muscular tone of digestive organs. The all natural food enzymes supplied by Digestin act to complement weak or dysfunctional pancreatic and bile activity, improving the efficiency and speed of digestion, specifically breaking down complicated and long protein chains, all dairy products and milk lactose, various fats and lipids, fiber, cellulose and short to long chain carbohydrates. Now we can return to the foods of our youth and enjoy what we want, when we want, making it easier to enjoy food without the fear that we'll pay for it later with indigestion.

Digestin also helps improve recovery from injury. Recently, research has demonstrated that digestive enzymes, such as those found in Digestin, are capable of quickly reducing the swelling or edema of traumatized tissues by actually "digesting" or breaking down damaged tissue and ruptured cells at the site of injury, allowing these waste materials to be removed quickly so as to reduce inflammation and subsequent pain, speeding the healing process and encouraging regeneration of tissue to then take place more quickly. Thus, Digestin is recommended as part of a complementary pre- and post-operative strategy for Surgeons and Physicians, and is recommended throughout Växa's complete health strategies wherever cellular or tissue injury or inflammation may be involved.

Digestin is doctor-formulated, all-natural and completely safe with no side effects.


Ingredients and Dosages
60 Capsules per Bottle

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Instead of saying no to your favorite dishes because you have difficulty digesting them, say yes to Digestin -- an all natural supplement containing a comprehensive complex of digestive enzymes including Lactase (to aid in digesting dairy products), Lipase (to aid with fat digestion) and Papain (useful for all stomach complaints).

Don't pass on your favorite foods -- Pass the Digestin.




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