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Beat the heat: How I Stopped the Heartburn Cold

As most must realize from my front page I have been cursed with GERD, acid reflux's full name, now for a while. And I'm a bit hard headed and tend not to want to be inconvenienced with things. But after enough sleepless nights and spending a lot of time during those sleepless night searching for an answer, I'm hoping that in sharing my experiences with you will help get you on the road to recovery. I road I personally enjoy

I had a friend recommend the products on this site almost a year ago . They had used them and had remarkable results but I am a hard head and didn't immediately run to this solution. I tend to search look around and read. I also am very cautious on how I spend my money and what I spend it on. So I continued to look around and continued to buy Pepcid and other prescription acid blockers my doctor prescribed. The side effects were horrible!  Long story short I was miserable and well frankly, desperate. I figured I spend $80-$100 easy a month between over the counters, doctors visits and prescriptions which just continued to climb in price as my co-pays went up.

So what the heck, I did it and borrowed a reorder card my friend had. As I look back now and think what an idiot I was not to do this sooner. With in the first day I found that the heartburn was less severe. Within the first week I found that attacks grew less and less frequent and I wasn't sitting up nights watching infomercials. With in 30 days I had my life and freedom back!

I take three products below daily. And after extensive research for alternatives to acid blockers and pump inhibitors, this is what I've done to help myself and I hope you will consider what I'm saying and and give it a try. You will be very pleased with the result. I'm so positive that you will agree with me I'm offering a Money back Guarantee!

Buffer pH+ balances acid and pH levels in the body absorbing the excess acid stopping the pain of the heartburn. It natural acts as an antacid providing long term relief of heartburn and heals the damaged esophagus tissue


Digestin increases the productivity of your digestive enzymes, helping the digestive process speed up reducing the amount of stomach acid that needs to be produced and stored. Also has helped with IBS. We have had great success with Digestin

Exstress helps limit stress related heartburn. In today's fast paced high stress environment. Many of our customers, including myself, found that added Exstress helped the benefits of the Buffer pH+ and Digestin.

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