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Why Balance your pH?

Seven Critical Reasons to Balance Your pH
  1. Cancer - For DNA-RNA synthesis and the body's natural cleansing and healing processes to occur, cell pH cannot be acidic. Cancerous cells grow well in acidic mediums. Some doctors have begun experimenting with giving patients super alkalized (alkaline is the opposite of acid, so it counteracts acidity) water to stunt cancer cell growth.
  2. Heart Disease - Proper electrolyte activity, smooth blood flow throughout arteries, veins and heart tissue, all keys to efficient heart function, are affected by an acid pH. When blood plasma is acidic, it acts as a chemical irritant, which slowly attacks and eats away at the smooth muscle tissue of the inner walls of arteries and veins, as well as the heart itself. Like acid eating into marble, a continually acid pH erodes and eats into cell wall membranes of the heart, arteries and veins, weakening the structural composition of the heart, arterial and venous walls, causing lesions of plaque and microscopic tearing throughout its framework, and creating irregularities of blood pressure.
  3. Weight Gain - Proper fat metabolism, and healthy insulin production doesn't happen when the body is in an acidic state. An acid pH can directly cause immediate weight gain by causing erratic insulin production by the body. When the body is flooded with insulin, it diligently converts every calorie it can into fat.
  4. Diabetes - Before the advent of synthetic insulin, buffering the system with base or alkaline powders treated diabetes. An acidic pH increases pressure to continually produce insulin, cellular communication is thwarted and the immune system begins to over-respond. Stress within the cells increases, making it difficult for them to perform adequately and survive. They simply burn out!
  5. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis - An acidic body leaches calcium from the bones and teeth in a desperate attempt to balance itself. This leaching process increases the risk of bone disease. The rate of hip fractures has doubled in the last 50 years, a clear sign that something has changed. The likely culprit is our acidic diet.
  6. Dangerous Cholesterol Levels - Simply reducing the amount of cholesterol in the diet isn't enough. The amount of cholesterol ingested has not been found to be a major factor in cholesterol plaque formation. Rather, it is because an acid pH allows the binding of cholesterol with heavy metals and other cellular debris to form plaque.
  7. Premature Aging - Acidosis causes partial lipid breakdown and destructive oxidation, accelerating free radical damage of cell walls and intracellular membrane structures, which then unravel, killing cells in the process. Acidosis is thus thought to contribute to age-related problems such as eyesight and memory loss, wrinkling, age spots and dysfunctional hormonal systems.